Miquel Hervás Gómez (Terrassa, 19 April 1985) Handy graphic designer currently studying a MA at the Sandberg Instituut and 2015 graduate of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Based in the WWW and member of Carne Kids1.

(2017) fanfare inc.2 catalogue presented in the Chaumont Biennial of Graphic Design3 (FR). An ongoing investigation into the current conditions of nomadic design labour. First chapter of a serie that aims to reflect on new nomadic work practices through the lens of corporate culture. Each part of the research explores several points of view, drawing on interviews as well as both visual and written contributions. Project made with fanfare and in collaboration with Ulises Soriano, Bram van den Berg, Edu León, Jessie Ying Ying and Charlie Clemoes.

a) DIN A6 softcover, black and white digital print mixed with an original KLM catalogue. Over 300 pages aprox. Edition of 200.

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(2017) Ting Gong4 identity and web design:

(2017) Eight DIN A2 Heidelberg Kord5 test prints designed and printed at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Four colours applied as a continuous gradient from yellow to black, passing through cyan and magenta, using oxidative drying inks. Published with Adolfo.

(2016 — 2017) Identity and web design for Station to Station, an online magazine of DutchCulture/TransArtist.

a) SS#16 “Dirty talks — Money.”

b) SS#27 “All that art.”

c) Installation at SS#2 launch at fanfare8.

(2016) Catalogue presented at the OFF – Program, in the 27th Brno Biennal9 (CZ). A collaboration between fanfare and White Stuff Gallery. Based on the aesthetics of IKEA and as a extension of the home. Displayed at the Moravian Gallery. The books take shape as a compilation of essays and illustrations collected from 30 different designers and writers. Preface of the series fanfare inc.10

a) DIN A6 softcover, black and white digital print mixed with an original IKEA catalogue. Over 300 pages aprox. Edition of 40.

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b) Installation at the Moravian Gallery.

(2015) Scarf design and installation presented at fanfare, in collaboration with Otto Kaan11 for Dames 2. Fun!12

(2015) Campaign identity for "La festa del grafisme 2015"13, a graphic design festival in Portbou (ES).

a) DIN A2 silkscreen poster with silver spray paint.

b) Merchandising.

(2015) The Gerrit Rietveld Academie Fashion Show14 campaign designed with Nickie Fenja Singurdsson.

a) Digital printed bildboard at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Size 6,25 m x 1,25 m.

b) One out of six Din A2 Photo plotted poster.

c) Line—up/water bottle programme design.

d) Din A2 newspaper offset printed.

(2015) Calibration and test print research as a graduation project15 at the Rietveld. A selection of designs and imaginary created for it. From the photography to Riso, Offset, Silskcreen, Digital and Photo print.

a) Design for a RISO publication published through Subbacultcha!.

b) Photography research.

b) Photography research.

c) DIN A0 Offset calibration sheet design.